Compostable bag is the best choice,..You know when is biodegradable and compostable if living things such as fungi and bacteria can break it down in the environment.


Compostable bags are made from plant-based materials like cornstarch and wheat as opposed to petroleum. These bags contain no polyethylene.


Sustainable, Compostable and biodegradable dog waste bags. Friendly with the environment.


We believe in climate change, Just as with the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, Our mission is to bring 3 solutions to these problems of environmental pollution, in a time of 5 years. Making our best friend ( PETS ) part of this mission.



Absolutely love these! I usually use one bag to pick up all the potties on our walk (about three poops). They are sturdy and better for our earth. Win win.

Tatiana Gray

I was looking for a biodegradable poop bag and this fits the bill. I don't think I need to describe what I use these for, just know that they do their doody duty.

Rob Stelboum

Love these, not creating more plastic trash, compostable, not just biodegradable, with the certificates to back it up.


They have worked great for me and my dog. They are easy to carry, large enough in size, and good for the environment.

Robert M. Johnston

Love that these are compostable yet still strong and durable bags. Would definitely recommend these if you are looking for an alternative to plastic bags!

Amazon Customer